Those Famous Pit Bulls
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These are some famous and maybe not so famous pit bulls, used in shows, and advertisements...

Sargeant Stubby
He served in WWI, he was found by Private John Robert Conroy on the Yale University Campus here in Connecticut. For his story please click on his picture..

I Am Neutral BUT Not Afraid of Any of Them
This was a poster ad during WWI...
The top is the English Bulldog, German Duchshund,AMERICAN BULL TERRIER, French Bulldog,Russian Wolfhound..

The bottom poster reads...
The Germans have their "Wincht am Rhein" the English play "Lord Save the King" the Frenchman sing their "Marseillaise" while the Russians chant their "National Hymn"
Our spirit shuns this war like ring: peace breathes in what we proudly sing
The Star Spangled Banner
And long may it wave, o'er the land of the free and home of the brave
By these colors we stand ever true
Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue

The Little Rascals--Petey
Yep their pet was a Pit Bull..what a dog to have put up with all their antics!!

Also used a Pit Bull in their ads...

Buster Brown Shoes
They also used a Pit Bull in advertisements, although not such a great looking one a Pit Bull none the less..