Pits and Kids
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This page helps to dispell the myth of viscious pit bulls...My children are no longer small so the owners of these pictures have allowed me to use their pictures..Thankyou All...They are truely adorable pics...Please do not copy without the express permission of the owners..Thanks...

Shilo and Tamsen(age3)

Tuffy , Tamsen(age13) and Shakes

Nala and Nikitra--to see Nala's site click the PIC

AROOO for Megan

Gracie and Dylan

Smooch getting a belly rub from Tanner

Maddie and Ty relaxing

Maggie with her favorite kid

Cabal and Baby nephew

Cody and Duchess

Ditto and Cody

Marlene and Rudy

Waterbowl Babies--Chico and Ruby

Let me see Chico

Here's a kiss for you Ruby!!

Molly and Matthew cooling off in the pool !!

Dalton Loves his Oreo--Looks like Oreo Loves Dalton!!

Marlene, Rddy and Chico, LOVE to slide !!

Jacob, Ashley, Matthew with Molly the trampoline girl

Toby, Austin and Dylan enjoying a silly moment on the couch--click the PIC

More sleepy babies Angel and Haley--click the PIC

Josie with Duece who has goggles on just in time........

Look at this bunch, We're ready for the tv now.....

Find the Pit Bull, I am here......

Phatman giving kisses to 6 month old Aaron

Aaron and Kalea

Kayla sharing Cheyanne's Crate


Smooch and her buddy Tylor

Duke and his babies