Aggression Information
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Pit Bulls do not need to be taught to fight it is in their blood. They may never get into a fight but if they do you can bet that the fight will be a very serious, possibly fatal fight.

It is much better to prevent a fight than to try and stop one..

Before getting Kira, I had to male dogs, they got along great for quite awhile AND they were always supervised and when that was not possible they were separated. That was until Kobie hit adolesence and one day while I was standing right there a fight broke out, luckily I was there and neither got hurt. When this happens alot of pitbull owners do permanant seperation. Unfortunately in my home I did not think I could work this out without any mistakes, since mistakes can be fatal, I opted to try to re-home one of them.

If your planning on owning more than one pitbull, you are better off with one male and one female. Not that a fight won't happen, but the likelihood is a little less than owning two of the same sex.

Please note-- Animal aggression and people aggression are two completely separate behavioral traits.

Pit Bulls are naturally animal aggressive. The degree of the animal aggression will vary from dog to dog. Pit Bulls can and do get along with other dogs and animals. The dog's individual temperament, socialization and training will be the deciding factor as to a Pit Bull interacting with other animals.

The Pit Bull should never show ANY unprovoked aggression to humans, as it was bred to be extremely people friendly.