Keeping Your Pit Bull Safe and Happy
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1) They should always be on leash in public places.

2) Freedom should be only in a fenced in secure area (dog parks are NOT a good place for Pit Bulls).

***Fences should be at least 6ft, they have been known to scale up to an 8ft fence..(My fence is only 4ft but I have installed a hot wire (top and bottom).

3) NEVER leave a Pit Bull alone with other animals

***Pit Bulls may get along fine with other animals in your home, but strange animals could be a different story--Just like there are different personalities the amount of animal aggression may vary-- some dogs are just slightly animal aggressive and other dogs are extremely animal aggressive and most Pit Bulls have a pretty strong prey drive..Know your dog, Know how to control your dog. I can not stress this point enough Animal Aggression and People Aggression are not the same thing..
Pit Bulls should NOT be people aggressive-- NEVER-EVER--and most animal aggressive dogs with the proper training can be controlled.***

This should be your moto.

5) SOCIALIZE--SOCIALIZE--SOCIALIZE-- Socialization is a very important aspect, Pit Bulls should be socialized with as many different people as possible.

Socialize with other animals only under strict supervison.


Obedience Training
Obedience training is a very important tool..All dogs but especially Pit Bulls should be trained.

Professional training is a REALLY good idea. A professional trainer can give you tips and tricks to make training easy.

Wether you train yourself or take obedience classes have your dog trained, a well behaved Pit Bull helps to change the publics opinion.

Here are a couple of links to places with training tips---
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